Amphenol plugic pool cleaners - 5000009

Amphenol Plug for Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners.Connector between floating cable and power supply. This plug is used with various Maytronics Dolphin pool robots. Original Maytronics replacement partAmphenol plug connection combination:n. 2 = Whiten. 3 = BlackEarth = Red

Short thermofused combined brush - 61020201

Combined short thermofused brush on the cylinder WITHOUT sponge ring for Dolphin dual motor pool cleaners.With the combined brush the robot climbs the walls of swimming pools covered in pvc, mosaic,...This item includes 1 piece. To replace all brushes of the robot you need to buy 4 pieces.Short brush width: approx. 14 cmColor: Grey**Note: The color may...

Kit 2 pcs hot-melt combined short brush on cylinder - 99966041

Set of two grey combined short brushes * already mounted (thermofused) on the cylinder. .Specific for Dolphin robotic cleaners with double motors.This article includes n. 2 short pvc brushes and n. 2 Kanebo sponge rings pre-assembled and heat-fused on the cylinde. To replace all the brushes of the robot, it is necessary to purchase 2 kits of short...

IoT transformer cleaning robots - 99956083-ASSY

The Dolphin Maytronics 230V IoT Transformer.It allows the robot to start and stop and other advanced options depending on the robot model: weekly timer, normal / fast cycle selector and delay.Low energy consumption.Dolphin robots with which it is compatible:Dolphin M500Dolphin M400Dolphin M600Dolphin M700Dolphin F60Dolphin Zenit 6012 MONTHS WARRANTYPower...

Bluetooth remote control iOT power supply - 99954230-ASSY

Remote control with Bluetooth connection compatible only with the iOT transformer.Specific for Dolphin pool robots produced from 2020 onwards:Dolphin Explorer PlusDolphin M400Dolphin M500Dolphin M600Dolphin M700Dolphin F60Dolphin Zenit 60Dolphin E60i12 MONTHS WARRANTY     Original Maytronics spare part.  The remote-control unit offers two operation modes:...

Motor unit M600 M700 Zenit 60- 9995395-ASSY

Replacement motor box for Dolphin by Maytronics pool robot.The engine, when it set up, it must be tried underwater. If you try it out of water, it will work a few seconds, because it owns a special sensor.Compatible with robots:Dolphin M600Dolphin M700Dolphin Zenit 60Dolphin Active X6Dolphin Active 60Dolphin original spare part.12 months warranty

18 mt cable swivel 3 wires M600 M700 - 9995899-DIY

18 mt floating cable 3 wires. Used on the following Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners:Dolphin M600Dolphin M700Dolphin Zenit 60With SWIVEL sysytem: a system that prevents the cable from twisting. DOLPHIN patent. For a quick and easy DIY installation, this cable is already supplied complete with grommet and 3-pin wired plug for connection to the motor.

Cable Swivel 1.2 m 3-pin M600 M700 - 9996859-DIY

First part of 1.2 m swivel floating cable for Dolphin cleaning robots.Used on the following Maytronics Dolphin pool robots:Dolphin M600Dolphin M700Dolphin Zenit 60For a quick and easy DIY installation, this cable is already supplied complete with supports, terminals for swivel and 3-pin wired plug for connection to the motor.

Track belt E series, S series, Mini Kart - 9983152

Replacement track for Maytronics pool robot. This item includes 1 piece. Color: Grey* * Note: Color could change because of stock availability at the time of the order.Spare part for the following robot models:Dolphin E series Dolphin Mini Kart Dolphin SX series Dolphin Poolstyle, AG series Dolphin Z series Dolphin Run series Dolphin SL series Dolphin...

Filter basket ultra-fine cartridges M600 - 9991481-ASSY

Filter basket complete with ultra-fine cartridges (30 micron) for Dolphin pool robots.Multilayer filtration system with extra sealing that prevents dirt from returning to the pool, the basket is large and is suitable for both fine and ultra fine dirt. We find the addition of a silicone ring that increases its efficiency because it creates a suction effect...

Fine mesh insertable basket S E series - 9983106

Filter basket for Maytronics:   S series - Dolphin 200|S300|S300IE series - Dolphin E30, E35, E40i, E50iM series - Dolphin M600, M700Z series - Dolphin Z1B, Z2C, Z3iPoolstyle series - Dolphin Poolstyle 35, Poolstyle 40iAvalon series - Dolphin Avalon 30, Avalon 40iZenit 60Dolphin WollyDolphin BusattaDolphin SL300iDolphin Super 2000, Super 3000Dolphin Run...

Complete cartridge filter basket M600 M700 - 9991660-ASSY

Complete cartridge filter basket for Dolphin Maytronics M600, M700, E50i, Zenit 60.The kit includes two 70-micron fine cartridges and two 30-micron ultra-fine laterl cartridges.  Cleaning after use - Removing and cleaning the dual filter basketOpen the filter coverUpon opening the filter cover, the handle will lift independentlyLift the basketOpen the...

Kit 4 cartridge filters - 9991467-ASSY

Kit of 4 ultra-fine 30 micron cartridge filters for large pool robot basket: Dolphin S200Dolphin S300Dolphin S300iDolphin E30Dolphin E35Dolphin E40iDolphin SX30Dolphin Poolstyle 35Dolphin Poolstyle 40iKit consisting of 4 ultra-fine cartridge filters for collecting micro dirt (dust, sand and fine debris). Basket not included.Filters must be inserted in the...

Kit 4 standard filters 70 micron - 9991463-ASSY

4 PIECES KITFine 70 micron filters for large basket of the following pool robots:Dolphin S200Dolphin S300Dolphin S300iDolphin E30Dolphin E35Dolphin E40iDolphin SX30Dolphin Poolstyle 35Dolphin Poolstyle 40iKit 4 standard / fine mesh filters for cleaning coarse dirt such as hair, leaves, insects... (70 micron filtration).These cartridges must be inserted in...

Complete Active Brush M600 M700 Zenit 60 - 9995547-ASSY

Complete gray active brush for pool robot: Dolphin M600Dolphin M700Dolphin Zenit 60Dolphin Active 60Dolphin Active X6The brush will be shipped in the color available in the warehouse at the time of the order

Cable Retrofit kit S series, E series, Mini Kart - 9991271

Kit for cable / motor connection specific for the following Dolphin models:S100S200S300S300iE10E20E25E30E35E40iMINI KARTThe Retrofit connector must be replaced whenever the cable of Dolphin pool robot is changed or disassembled.

Grey big wheel M600 M700 - 9983280

9983379 -EX9983280
Grey big wheel for the following Dolphin pool robot models:Dolphin M600Dolphin M700Dolphin Zenit 60Color may vary depending on stock availability when ordering.Maytronics original spare parts.

large wheel disc E, S, Z, Run, SX series - 9983121

Large wheel disc specific for Maytronics pool cleaner robots:Serie ESerie SSerie PoolstyleSerie SXSerie Run Serie ZSerie SL LaghettoBusattaWollySuper 2000/3000Dolphin M600Dolphin Mini KartDolphin Mister 10, 20, 30, 40i The spare part will be shipped in the color available in the warehouse at the time of the order.New Maytronics code: M96200031.
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